Analytical Flow Technologies LLC (AFT) is the ONLY Authorized Service and Repair center for the DENSITRAK model Density Meter (D625, 1AA0 - SST, and SVT).

To Request a Repair or Re-Calibration RMA simply complete the “AFT Request for Repair” form and submit via email or fax.

AFT offers a wide array of technical services and solutions such as:

  • DENSITRAK® Meter Repair - Mechanical and Electrical
  • DENSITRAK® Meter Re-Calibration - Standard, Low and High Density Calibration
  • DENSITRAK® Meter Verification Testing
  • Electronics & Microprocessor UPGRADES – Analytical Flow Technologies LLC has invested much time and effort on the design of NEW “State of the Art” DENSITRAK® electronics, Windows® based configuration and monitoring software and electrical housings.
  • We are also available for any questions you may have concerning your meter, application, process, material compatibility with chemicals and fluids – feel free to contact us via phone or email


Analytical Flow Technologies LLC Engineers are always available to answer any of your questions -