Scooped Flange Kit: The Analytical Flow Technologies LLC Scoop Flange kit is a patented method for attaching the DENSITRAK® D625 density meter directly to pipelines of various diameters. The scoop flange attaches to an ANSI flange mounted on the customer’s pipeline. The scoops enter the pipeline so that the pipeline fluid enters the scoop – runs through the meter – and dumps back into the pipeline flow.

This system is used mainly in the Oil and Gas industry with great success. The scoop flange comes in either a 150# or 300#/600# IS 3 inch Raised Face Flange. The scoop length depends on the customer’s pipe diameter and riser height.

The scoop flange is designed to accommodate easy installation of a customer-supplied pycnometer.

Contact AFT engineering with any questions regarding the use of the scoop flange kit.