ANALYTICAL FLOW TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, manufacturer of the DENSITRAK® DENSITY METER: The Density Meter with highest accuracy to 0.0001 gr/cm3.

The founder of ANALYTICAL FLOW TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, Paul Heinritz, has extensive experience with The DENSITRAK® D625 Liquid Density Meter while at Calibron Systems, Inc. and Honeywell Enraf Americas.  DENSITRAK® Liquid Density Meter is now manufactured, serviced and supported in Scottsdale, Arizona.  

The DENSITRAK® Liquid Density Meter has been widely used in the Pipeline Industry for over 20 years, with the most Accurate Method of Continuous online Liquid Density Measurement (accurate to 0.0001 gr/cm) and thousands of satisfied Customers in the United States, Brazil, China, Mexico, Japan, Canada, India, Russia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Norway, Bolivia, Bulgaria and many more. 

ANALYTICAL FLOW TECHNOLOGIES, LLC offers a variety of Liquid Density Meter models to suit YOUR specific application, such as Custody Transfer, Interface Detection, Product Blending, and process Quality Control. Our engineers review each application to determine the DENSITRAK® Density Meter model that best suits your needs. 

The DENSITRAK® Liquid Density Meter is lightweight and compact, and utilizes the most accurate measurement technique; the oscillating U-tube technique to establish the density of liquids based on an electronic measurement of the frequency of oscillation, from which the density value is calculated.  The DENSI-Trax Software is the new signal processing unit to monitor and record live data for Density and Temperature. 

We enjoy a reputation in our industry for outstanding customer service and highly reliable, accurate meters.  We look forward to providing our DENSITRAK® Density Meter for your liquid density measurement needs.